Segura “Patterns” ID.


This stationery design and concept was born from press sheets. We decided to save them, and each time we did a job for a client, we would bring it to the new printer place and run the sheet in the run. All of the backgrounds are from projects we did for clients throughout the year.

They were completely random and created by accident. Not built in Photoshop. (story of our logo at bottom).

ABOUT OUR LOGO.         
For those of you that don't know me, I am from Cuba. I was born there after our family fled Spain's Francisco Franco (where we lost everything) and moved to Cuba for a new and better life.

My grandfather had a small department store in downtown Oriente which he named Segura.

When Fidel Castro took over in January of 1959, things looked like they would get better after the Fulgencio Batista days, but it wasn't long before we were all going through the same injustice as we experienced in Spain, and by the early 1960s, all was lost.

Castro took everything we had, and by 1965, we fled Cuba for the USA via Mexico to Miami where I grew up. We were not permitted to bring anything at all. Only what we were wearing minus any jewelry.

It took my grandfather over 20 years just to get a handful of family photos and a copy of one of the ads for his store smuggled out of Cuba by relatives.

During a recent visit with my parents this subject came up and my father gave me the framed ad his dad had given him. Of course when I saw it, I fell in love with it. At that very moment I knew I would have to carry the name with this mark (probably from the early 1950s) and changed our logo to the one we now use. 

A year later, we were going thru some old photos and found one of my grandfather and my uncle in front of the store in 1954. So as you can now see, our new logo is not so new.

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