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T26 Digital Type Foundry : Alias newspaper

The "Alias" newspaper was part of a two year direct mail campaign produced by T26 were a monthly tabloid promoting specific collections, styles or packages were featured from their font collection.

This piece features fonts designed by Gareth Hague of Alias.

alias cover

Alias newspaper cover.

alias donald

Alias newspaper Donald Eugene Web page.

alias victor

Alias newspaper Victor Manual Garana spread.

alias spread 1

Alias newspaper center spread.

alias spread 2

Alias newspaper James Charles Kopp and Ramon Eduardo Arellano Felixa spread.

alias covers

Alias newspaper front and back covers.

alias spread osama

Alias newspaper Arthur Lee Washington and Osama Bin Laden spread.

alias spread center

Alias newspaper center spread.

alias spread text

Alias newspaper font collection spread.

alias cover 1

Alias newspaper cover.