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The "Alias" newspaper was part of a two year direct mail campaign produced by T26 were a monthly tabloid promoting specific collections, styles or packages were featured from their font collection.

This piece features fonts designed by Gareth Hague of Alias.

3d t26 alias 2 cover

T26 Alias 2 newspaper cover.

3d t26 alias cover1

T26 Alias newspaper cover.

3d t26 alias spread 1 2

T26 Alias newspaper James Charles Kopp and Ramon Eduardo Arellano Felixa spread.

3d t26 alias 3 4

T26 Alias newspaper Donald Eugene Webb and Jesse James Caston spread.

3d t26 alias 5 6

T26 Alias newspaper Arthur Lee Washington, jr. and Usama Bin Laden spread.

3d t26 alias center

T26 Alias newspaper center 10-most wanted spread.

3d t26 alias 7 8

T26 Alias newspaper Glen Stewart Godwin and James J. Bulger spread.

3d t26 alias 9 10

T26 Alias newspaper Victor Manuel Gerena and Eric Robert Rudolph spread.